You’re driving traffic to your site and paying for online ads, but now what?
Magnetiq closes the gap to engage your prospects so you can close more deals.


Stop Chasing Leads  –  Stop Paying Referral Fees  –  Stop Giving Discounts


Engage Visitors with a Floating Motion Video Tour

Magnetiq Marketing Video Analytics

Filter only your hottest prospects

What are Video Analytics?

It’s one thing to engage your prospects, but what if you could filter them too?  With heat maps you can see which prospects are engaged, rewinding and skipping through the video.  This allows your pre-tour preparation to focus on which amenities are most important to them.  Talk about a personal touch!

See The Engagement Live!

Watch the interaction with the video for yourself

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Heat Maps Show Visitor Engagement 

Google 360 – It’s Not Video

Old virtual tours have been around for decades and DO NOT engage or convert prospects…
try it for yourself.  The Google 360 tour below is being replaced with our
Floating Motion Videos by Five Star Senior Living.

Magnetiq Auto Follow Up - Instantly

We will follow up with your prospects, even if you are busy!

Instant Email Alert to CRD’s

Community relations directors will receive an instant alert notifying them that a new prospect has entered their email to watch the video.

Auto Follow Up with Prospects

We will automatically follow up with every prospect that enters their email address with a thank you and an email as if it came directly from your Community Relations Director, 24/7

Q & A

You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers.  Please reach out if you need any additional information.

How Quick?

CRD’s will get an instant email alert.  Prospects will get a notification after 15 minutes.

Email Wording

We have crafted a great email that should get lots of click through, however if you’d like to customize your email, we can do that too!

Who Is It From?

We have set up our system to respond as if it were you, sitting at your desk, responding to a prospect.  When they respond, an email will go right to your inbox, not ours.

How Many Emails?

We send only one email to the prospect on your behalf.  After all, we don’t want to bug anyone and we know you don’t either.

No Prospect Response?

If the prospect doesn’t respond to the email we send out, don’t worry… you can still send a direct email to them just by clicking their email address on your daily report.

Powerful Reports Delivered to You

Community Team Reports

Every day, your team will get a full report of their TOP prospects, those people that engaged with your Floating Motion video and have shown a true interest in your community by watching a significant amount of your video online.   The report will show total emails collected for the day, week, month or quarter and give your team the ability to target their most interested prospects with additional personal interaction.

See It Live!

What the interaction with the video for yourself

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Management Reports

Regional managers, VP’s and even the CEO can receive a report of their top performing communities and dive right in to see the data for each community with just a click.  Reports are delivered on the next business day after the reporting period.

Who's Watching the Video Tour?

See the Example Analytics

Pricing Guide

View, download and print your own data sheet, pricing guide and example video report.

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