Floating Motion Video Tours

Floating Motion Video Tours Engage Like No Other Video Can

The Difference Is Clear.

When you compare a Floating Motion Video Tour to any other type of engagement on the internet, there’s no comparison. Consumers love video, and video converts consumers.
Watch the video tour below to see what we mean.

Who Would Watch 15 Minutes of Video?

If you’re watching these videos as a marketer, they might seem too long. We understand. When consumers watch these videos, they are in need of care for a loved one, and as you can see, there are many that will watch a 15 minute Floating Motion Video all the way through.  There’s a reason we say they are the most engaging content for senior living.


“But I already have a video.”

There are many types of videos on the internet, all of which serve a different purpose.  Other types of videos, such as promo videos, have their place on the internet, and on your website.  What’s the difference between them, and how does the general public feel about them?



Promo Videos

A promo video is a short video which usually outlines the “heart” of a location.  It’s often the “hook” that piques a prospect’s interest. Promo videos are wonderful, and a perfect fit for any website.  But, when a prospective customer is trying to make a decision, they want to see details
that a promo video doesn’t usually show, such as the size of the rooms or the decor in the lobby.  That’s where a Floating Motion Video Tour comes in.

What’s in a promo video?

  • Staff Members
  • Resident Testimonials
  • Food and Dining
  • Smiles and Activities

Virtual Tours and Google 360

Did you know that the 360 tour came out in 1994? Car phones also came out in the same year. This outdated technology can provide a frustrating user experience, which is something you want to avoid at all costs. If you have a 360 tour, it’s time to upgrade your marketing to the next level.


Photo Slideshow Video

A photo slideshow, when presented in video form, can upset prospects, because they were probably expecting either a promo video or a video tour.

We put a photo slideshow video on this page to demonstrate their ineffectiveness at providing a meaningful experience.  They can potentially do more harm than good, even turn prospects away because of a disappointing online experience.

What’s in a photo slideshow video?

  • The front of your location
  • The front lobby
  • The dining room
  • Usually a model apartment


A Floating Motion Video Tour is the most effective way
to engage with your leads.  We’ve worked with some of the most respected brands in the industry.

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