Proven Video Marketing That Doubles Internet Lead Conversion

Show your community 24/7, Collect Emails, See Who’s Interested, and Automatically Follow Up

Magnetiq is the best-in-class resource for our members based on their innovative approach to enhance the video tour experience, resulting in increased conversion of website visits to qualified leads and move-ins. Debbie Howard

CEO, Senior Living Smart

Five Star Senior Living Results

Less Leads with More Move-In’s


Five Star was able to see a huge benefit on their internet lead conversion. These results were produced with less overall leads, however the number of move-in’s more than doubled!

When we compare December 2013 to December 2014 (first month with Magnetiq) we saw more than 100% increase in internet move-ins and our Inquiry to Move-in % went from 6% in December 2013 to 14% in December 2014. The interesting part of the data is that the total inquiries decreased however, the conversion rate increased and doubled the amount of total move-ins. This data tells me that the video and the key metrics that are associated with the videos help develop more quality leads from our website. So instead of having simply more leads, which is often the goal of marketing departments, we are producing more quality leads. The quality is key because our sales team often find themselves spending lots of time trying to contact leads that truly aren’t qualified. Alex Smith

Regional Manager, Five Star Senior Living


Video Tours

Floating Motion Video tours are the industry’s best lead engagement tools

Powerful Video Analytics automatically filter prospects and send daily reports is the first all-video based directory for the senior living industry

Engage Longer with Floating Motion Video

4-6X Longer Viewing Sessions over Lifestyle Promo Videos

Floating Motion videos engage clients like no other video can.  Unlike a 360 tour or a promotional video, Floating Motion videos allow prospects to feel what it’s like to really be there in person.

Floating Motion videos engage visitors 4-6 times better than any other video content.

Automatic Results

Engage, Filter and Follow-Up Automatically

Convert & Filter

The website visitor is requested to enter their email address during video playback. One quarter of all viewers will enter their email address, which allows you to filter out your best prospects and focus on them, rather than chasing leads who may never convert.

Who Is Most Interested?

After a viewer enters their email address, they are logged into the analytics system.  From that point forward, a heatmap will be generated for their engagement with your video, showing you what parts of your community they are most interested in.

Follow Up 24/7 

Floating Motion video walk throughs engage clients like no other video can.  Not a 360 tour and not a promotional video, allow prospects to feel what it’s like to really be there in person.

Let’s talk about Google’s

The old way of

doing business

was great, and it worked

for a really, really long time.

But, things gradually changed…

Since the rise of the internet, the standard model has been changing.

The NEW way of doing business is to send marketing, then allow leads to conduct their own research through internet searches, social media, reading reviews, and watching videos.

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